Tears Of Crimson Regret
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*Please do not read any thing that you are not old enought to read. By clicking on a story, you're stating you're old enough to read and taking on full responsiblities for your actions.*

Works in Progress:

Just Pretending...
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A visit from the social workers and Dawn’s created a nice mess for Buffy to clean up, with the help of Spike of course. Takes place before ‘Tough Love’. Written for Ariel Dawn.

Chapters 1 - 5 Chapter 6 - 8

Always There
Rating: R (just to be safe, may go up later)
Summary: This story is canon based, takes place where season five is, but here's the twist: a new vampire who has half a soul, who comes to Sunnydale to help with Glory. Starts after 'Out of My Mind', but Spike never tried to get the chip out, and there is no Harmony.
Warnings: Spike/Temp -(Spike will be with an OC temporarily, but nothing will happen with them. Please don't let it discourage you from reading! (I also will be getting rid of Riley ASAP). This is a Spuffy fic, I promise.)
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Chapters 1 - 5  Chapters 6 - 10  

Completed Work


Watch out for that Headstone
Rating: R
Summary: Tag challenge by Redwulf50: write a little fic where Angel trips and falls on a stake and kills himself (which expanded a bit through IM).
Warnings: Character Death

Rating: PG-13
Summary: What if Riley had shown up during gone and got zapped invisible instead of Buffy? A continuation of ‘Watch out for that Headstone’.
Warnings: Character Death


A Bit of Magic
Rating: NC-17
Summary: S2, after Angel had become Angelus. Spike uses some magic to get the Slayer to come to him and things heat up. PW1/2P.

Sunscreen and Sand
Rating: NC-17
Summary: What if Spike hadn't looked for the Gem of Amara back in Season 4? What if he had waited until after he had gotten chipped? A chipped Spike, a recently found Gem of Amara, and a Slayer taking a day off at the beach.  What hijinks could sun, sand, and the Slayer get up to with Spike on the beach? Summer S4. PW1/2P.

Tub Time
Rating: R
Summary: Middle S6. Buffy's sore from patrol and takes a bath. Spike, in his search to find Buffy, smells her blood and things the worst. So he goes and checks up on her. Tub time ensues...

Short Stories:

Always Invited In
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Collaboration between Ariel Dawn, BloodyTearsofLife and Opalenergy. Round Robin response to Bloodshedverse Challenge #182. Set just after “Life Serial”. Buffy and Spike, unbeknownst to the other, audition for a national ad campaign for extra cash. Ya, so we answered our own challenge...

Xena Complex
Rating: R/NC-17
Summary: The Buffy Bot goes missing and Buffy finds it in the one place she never expected. Based on an idea by me (BloodyTearsOfLife) and GoldenBuffy from the Bloodshedverse Chat room, that we made Ariel Dawn write. Ariel and I collaborated together to finish the story.

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