Tears Of Crimson Regret
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This is my site dedicated to all that is Spuffy.
You will find my fanfiction, graphics, and any other related material.


8/12• Sorry for such the long wait. RL issues and such. Just Pretending... - Chapter 8 is up!

5/10• Just Pretending... - Chapter 7 is up to read.

4/10• More yayz! Spark and Burn Awards has named ToCR as 'Site of the Moment'. The new pretty can be found on the Awards page.

4/4• OMG! Just Pretending... has won its first awards from Spark and Burn Awards! Check them out on the Awards page.

3/5• Just Pretending... - Chapter 6 up for your reading pleaure. Along with some new Spuffy Icons, a few Spike Icons, and a couple Buffy Icons. (New icons at bottom of each page.)

2/3• Just Pretending... - Chapter 5 is up!

1/24• Just Pretending... - Chapter 4 is now up. Sorry about the lateness. I was switching DSL providers. (Check my LJ for more info if you'd like.) I also have a new site banner and layout colors. If anyone has any problems/comments, just leave me a message on the tag board or e-mail me.

1/10• Just Pretending... - Chapter 3 now up for your reading pleasure.

1/4• Just Pretending... - Chapter 2 is up!

12/27• New Fic! Just Pretending..., the start of a season 5 Spuffy fic written for Ariel Dawn. Go check it out!

12/23• Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't had an update in such a long while, but I have something! The last and final chapter of Always Invited In is up! And with a new banner! So please go check it out and let me know what you think. Again, thank you to all those who read and reviewed.

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